Principle of Learning #1 – Potential

This post presents a brief elaboration on the first of seven principles of learning: Principle #1 – Potential. Humans are endowed with an inherent potential for increase in capacity, the establishment of habit, and the definition of being.  This is the first principle of learning, upon which all others are predicated. That every person has … Continue reading Principle of Learning #1 – Potential


7 Principles of Learning – the short version

Seven principles of learning, the foundation of a Principles-of-Learning Framework (Weibell, 2011), form the basis of this blog. Future posts will elaborate on these seven principles of learning and explore how the Principles-of-Learning Framework can be applied to a mass educational transformation that is now taking place in public education---toward student-centered, data-informed, teacher-led, personalized learning … Continue reading 7 Principles of Learning – the short version